Fully revised in 2011, following the museum’s renovation, the permanent exhibition highlights the value of the museum’s collection and lays the foundation for future innovative projects – projects that will require targeted financing and generous support from donors.

Although already present throughout the permanent exhibition, the multimedia content needs to be reinforced. A large, tactile screen is set to be installed in the entrance hall, retracing the important milestones in the history of Utah Beach from 1944 to today, and thereby giving guests an interactive preview to what awaits them inside the museum.

Among these projects, are the improvements made to the permanent exhibition. Using immersive projectors, visitors are teleported into the heart of the logistical and tactical plans laid out by the chiefs of command for Operation Overlord.

Restored to its original state, the briefing room where pilots were given the details of their mission before takeoff, has to be modernized. This will increase its educational potential and attractiveness, and will underline the major role of the air force in the success of D-Day.

Another multimedia project underway at the museum is the installation of a triptych panel screening alternating testimonies of three key players during the German occupation: a villager of Sainte-Marie-du-Mont, a German soldier based bunker WN5, and an American GI stationed in England in anticipation of D-Day. These three testimonials dramatize the dark years lived in this region of the Cotentin.