To promote the museum and help spread the Spirit of Utah Beach to younger generations, the Utah Beach Association aims to create enriching educational programs. Sponsorship, both individual and corporate, plays an important role in the financing of these programs.

To reach schools outside of Normandy, the Association hopes to create partnerships with other regions (such as the Ile-de-France) and the ministry of National Education. The presence of a docent during the museum visit would help raise national awareness of the importance of preserving the Beaches’ history.

Such a program could reach students as far as the United States. Implementing virtual tours via video-conferences in middle and high schools would allow the Spirit of Utah Beach to travel far and wide, all the while expanding the museum’s visibility.

Lastly, in order to make the museum accessible to the greatest number of people, the Utah Beach Association aims to launch a global digitalization platform to allow citizens from around the globe to take a virtual tour of the museum.